About Us

We are Gifting with Integrity, a group of former Buy Nothing Admins, who are now in no way affiliated with the Buy Nothing project, but have been inspired by the positive effects we’ve seen in our real-life hyper-local gifting groups.

The Gifting with Integrity team was founded in response to core value changes made by the official Buy Nothing Project global. Further changes to their required administrative documents, transforming those doc into intentional marketing tools, continued their departure from their originally stated mission, and reinforced our desire for separation so that we can continue to focus on non-market economy hyper-local gifting.

We are a group of former Buy Nothing Project global, regional, development, and local admins, dedicated to keeping the gifting spirit alive and well on Facebook through our years of experience, and holding true to the core belief that we set financial incentives aside, and celebrate the true wealth being the connections we weave with our real-life neighbors in our hyper-local gifting groups.