Admin Team

Andrea Schwalb

Andrea Schwalb began her admin journey in 2017 and was asked to step up as a regional admin with Rachel Anderson in 2018 until 2020. She mentored and assisted over 60 local groups in Washington, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. She also has assisted with development in Washington and Australia, having been an overseer for many various sprouts over the years.

In her free time, she enjoys being chronically online, memes, and will very likely beat you in Mario 3 or Street fighter 2. She is an avid fan of The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy book series, Star wars original trilogy and Game of Thrones.

Rachel Anderson

Rachel started volunteering for local group in September 2014. Over the past 9 years, she has been Regional, Development, and Global Admin. She’s also managed multiple local groups, multiple sprouts, and Local Admin Support groups.

In her free time, she enjoys travelling, baking, camping, concerts and spending time with family and friends whenever she can.

Alanna Gardiner

Alanna first experienced the magic of Buy Nothing after moving to Ellensburg, WA [USA], a rural little college town, in 2015. During her year there, the group went through a sprout, and she really saw how amazing a hyper-local focus could be. After moving back to her hometown of Wenatchee, WA the next year, she joined the group there. It also underwent a sprout in the spring of 2018, and that was when she jumped on the admin team for her new, smaller group.

Since then, she has passionately guided and modeled the Buy Nothing mission for her group, and is very excited to sprout again in the near future so that the mission can spread even more.

In her free time…just kidding! She has no free time because she homeschools three children while her husband works 50+ hours a week. 😆

If she had free time, she would be working on her novel so she could publish it and become famous.

Andrea Caughell

Andrea started volunteering for her local group in 2015. She has helped with adminning (both her local groups and others as needed), development of new groups, and sprouts.

In her free time she enjoys reading, doing puzzles, and watching her two young boys, 2 and 12 weeks, grow and thrive! (And sleeping, there’s never enough sleep!)

Aramada Faerieburst

Aramada has been admining on the Internet since back when there was nothing but listservs. She became a local admin in 2016, has lead her groups through two sprouts, and currently admins the smallest geographical area BN group in the world (It’s 6 blocks x 7 blocks, with 1k people!). She’s been a lawyer for 20+ years and loves every minute of it!

Caylynne Smith

Caylynne started volunteering in 2016, and soon after became a Regional admin. In her time as Regional she learned how to do maps and sprouts, which lead her to be part of the GWI sprout team.

In her free time she likes to read paranormal/fantasy novels, play videos games and when she’s not utterly exhausted from work go on new adventures to places she hasn’t been before. As well as maintain her awesome hair colors.

Laura Stansell

Laura has been volunteering in something or other since she was about 12 years old (in 1971). Back then it was running bingo at the local retirement community. Other volunteer jobs over the years include working for a Opera company, running a small circus, running monthly neighborhood cleanups, a community garden and a reading program for undeserved youth.

She has always been active in her local community and even served on the local Community Development Corporation. Laura joined her local group in Dec of 2018 and knew she had found her people. Rehoming things had always been her thing and helping members in her community was perfect fit. A year later when the admins put out a ask for help, she was nominated by a member of her group.

Laura joined the admin team after taking the training in Feb. 2020, just before all the changes and the covid shutdown. Her group has weathered both these things well and have supported each other in the OG spirit all along. Members of her group are wonderful and she enjoys all the connections she has been able to forge for herself and others through sharing of their abundance. Laura became a mod. In GWI about late 2021 and she’s happy to be able to further the founding tenants that drew her to the group.