Start A Group & Training

Gifting with Integrity consists of a group of people who have been inspired by the positive effects we’ve seen in our real-life hyper-local gifting groups.

We want to gift our admin experience with the world by assisting future admins, who need support, with how to run their very own hyper-local gifting group.

Are you interested in starting a Facebook gift economy group in your neighborhood? We’d love to help you in this role and have all the resources and training you need to get started.

What’s involved in the Admin role?

The responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Membership Verification
  • Monitoring the feed/guide members posts that might fall outside the rules
  • Lead by example with posts, comments, and reminders
  • Collaborate with co-admins

We also offer a global admin support group where you can gain insight and ask for or offer advice to other Admins. We would love to hear from you at your earliest convenience if this is something that interests you!

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we are unable to continue at the moment on Facebook.  However we did not want to continue delaying you or your admin team member going through training.  Feel free to go through training here.  You will need to make sure you are signed into Google to see these documents.