Liesl Clark’s Abuse of Trademark to get Support Groups Removed

Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller of the Buy Nothing Project are still reporting us for trademark infringement. This time on our mock group. The mock group that we completely wiped and started from scratch. The only thing the mock group contained were admin reminders and activities in which we spent hours writing and attaching free images from Pixabay to. We didn’t use any of their resources or mention their name one time or use any of their images and all writings were by us.

This takes their bullying to a whole new level. They are abusing their trademark and the Facebook copyright reporting system. It’s abundantly clear they have made it their mission to attack us personally.

Buy Nothing Project does not own gift economy groups. They own the name, and yet Facebook apparently will act, even with out properly vetting the content that is reported. Their claim is baseless, they can not tell other gift economy groups or gift economy support groups they can’t exist just because they do. You all are aware of how meticulous we have been, and have moderated every single comment that utters the words “Buy Nothing” and have gone above and beyond in our meticulous efforts to be compliant and still co-exist. It appears to me the only issue is co-existing.

GWI is just a rag-tag group of passionate people trying to support other admins with literal no personal benefit or gain. Other than paying under $100/year for website, we don’t have the power, money, or lawyers that they have at their disposal. We are in a major David vs Goliath moment here while BNP is trying to squash our literal existence without so much as attempting to reach out one time since removing us in December 2020. As far as I’m aware, emails are free.

It looks like they will not stop reporting us, no matter what we do. The fact that Facebook will remove the whole group and our profiles based on their word for paying money for a piece of paper is absurd. Facebook is not ran by humans, it’s ran by bots. They are affecting our personal social relationships and abilities to communicate online to play this childish game.

This is not just an attack on us. It is an attack on YOU. They do not want you to have the ability to communicate and have a support group or training unless it’s their way. All giving is not good giving. They are not above playing childish games. It’s their way or no way at all.

You can see all of the posts we made in the Mock Group here and form an opinion yourself.

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