Q & A regarding recent changes

These were all posted in Gifting With Integrity, but with those posts gone we’re choosing to share this information publicly. Q1: So, I’ve decided to change the name of my group.  What do I tell my members?  I feel because I ask them for transparency, I should also be transparent about what’s happening. A1:  YouContinue reading “Q & A regarding recent changes”

Liesl Clark’s Abuse of Trademark to get Support Groups Removed

Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller of the Buy Nothing Project are still reporting us for trademark infringement. This time on our mock group. The mock group that we completely wiped and started from scratch. The only thing the mock group contained were admin reminders and activities in which we spent hours writing and attaching freeContinue reading “Liesl Clark’s Abuse of Trademark to get Support Groups Removed”

Organizational Changes that Affect Gifting with Integrity Groups

TL;DR is available at the END of this statement IMPORTANT NOTE : We intend to read questions and compile them for FAQ over the next day and answer them ASAP. You can expect to get our responses in the next few days. BIG (and Long) ANNOUNCEMENT for : We formed the Gifting With Integrity –Continue reading “Organizational Changes that Affect Gifting with Integrity Groups”

Liesl Clark/Buy Nothing Project Creator takes down GWI Facebook page

In case you’re wondering why Gifting With Integrity is down, it’s because Liesl Clark has reported Trademark Infringement. Even though Liesl Clark has given full permission for anyone to use Buy Nothing Project materials as long as there’s attribution. See images below. While we are hopeful that our old group will be restored, we haveContinue reading “Liesl Clark/Buy Nothing Project Creator takes down GWI Facebook page”